Awards at Union Soccer Schools

From the beginning, tradition has been an important aspect of Union Soccer Schools. Union Soccer Schools creates an environment of integrity and respect for our campers. Accordingly, one of the most notable traditions that takes place every week of camp is the Closing Awards Ceremony. Here, campers who exceed the age or skill level of the Division are officially recognized with awards. Academy graduates are also inducted into the next Academy Division for the following summer.

Below is a short description of the different awards we have at Union Soccer Schools:

Coaches Award
The Coaches Award is presented to the camper who demonstrates dynamic leadership skills while always giving 100%. Award recipients consistently demonstrate a dedication to improvement, a devotion to their Team and consistent support for their teammates. In victory and defeat, they always exhibit the qualities of ultimate Union Soccer Schools Camper.

Defender Award
The Defender Award is awarded to that camper that best embodies the “true grit” of the defensive position by consistently displaying hustle, determination and encouragement to their teammates.

Goalkeeper Award
The Goalkeeper Award is awarded to that camper who is self-motivated in the goalkeeper position and puts forth their best effort during training, skills contests or league games.

Golden Boot Award
The Golden Boot Award is awarded to campers that consistently practice and perform at an almost error-free level. Union Soccer Schools’ highest personal achievement, the Golden Boot Award is presented to the campers in the Serie A Division, Premier Division and First Team who consistently exceed their peers in proper footwork, ball control, accuracy and consistency.

MVP Award
The Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award is awarded to that camper that best demonstrates significant improvement in their athletic ability, effort and sportsmanship.

World Skills Champion Award
The World Skills Champion Award is awarded to campers in Serie A Division, Premier Division and First Team who score the highest points in our World Skills Competition. The World Skills Competition includes football, ball control, accuracy and handling skills.

Captain’s Scarf Award
The Captain’s Scarf is a Philadelphia Union scarf given to that camper at the end of the end of each day who has embodied the values of the Philadelphia Union Spirit Ladder: Authenticity, Inclusion, Honor, Creativity, Focus, Relentlessness, Passion and Competition. Captain’s Scarves are earned at the end of each day for the camper to wear and bring back to camp the following morning to be passed on to the next “Captain.”

Focus Pin Award

Gratitude Ball

The Gratitude Ball is given by players to each other when a teammate has performed a random act of kindness on or off the field. Each team passes their ball along to someone at the end of each day.