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The Triple Threat: Le Toux, Edu, and Wenger!

Sébastien Le Toux Maurice Edu Andrew Wenger Campers had the opportunity to play with some of the most talented and beloved players on Union yesterday! Each Union player possesses their own unique skills and expertise which they brought to the field to teach…

In The Spotlight: Coach Veronica Rhea

Meet Union Soccer Schools Coach, Veronica Rhea! Veronica shared with us today her favorite Women’s World Cup memory from the tournament back in 1999. Watching her hero, Mia Hamm, and the USA team compete and win the World Cup was a…

PPL Park Trip This Week

Yesterday was a whirlwind of adventure for our campers at PPL Park. No car ride chat could fully express this action-packed day, so here’s a quick breakdown of the events that took place: Campers received a warm welcome by the PPL Park jumbotron….