Union Soccer Schools Goes BIG

Union Soccer Schools believes building muscles of character is similar to building physical muscles. Investing energy in each muscle stimulates growth. We thread opportunities throughout the camp day to strengthen these muscles, thereby making character development a key differentiator to a USS Experience. It is our goal throughout the summer to provide campers with a personalized “tool belt” for individual success by engaging them in a wide variety of activities, rituals and traditions.

As a result, Union Soccer School campers become stronger, healthier, and more resilient. We build upon family values and continue to shape the “Character Muscles” of our campers through our 8 Virtues of Character: Gratitude, Respect, Kindness, Positivity, Trustworthiness, Effort, Resiliency, and Community.

We believe these 8 Virtues of Character are rooted in Gratitude and therefore Go BIG (Be In Gratitude) represents our initiative of strengthening, growing and developing character muscles at camp.

“It’s a great idea to remind our campers to thank their parents for allowing them to come to such a unique camp. Even these small gestures are teaching children to ‘Be In Gratitude,'” said Coach Maria, one of USS’ Division Specialists. “Incorporating character development into our daily routines exemplifies why we are so much more than just an average soccer camp.”

Look for your “Go BIG” bracelet on the first day of camp and wear it each and every day!