A Soccer Camp for Everyone!

Union Soccer Schools is proud to announce new and improved curriculums for the 2019 camp season!

Union Soccer Schools have spent the off-season on re-designing a new curriculum that is built specifically to benefit campers of all abilities in four age groups. Our new manual incorporates teaching methods and drills from over 25 different sources and includes methodologies of several countries and soccer associations. When our curriculum combines with our expert coaching, it’s sure to improve a camper’s technical, tactical, physical, and psycho-social abilities.

Grow Comfortably

We pride ourselves on being a soccer camp for everyone. With a very versatile, diverse, experienced, staff, we have the ability to teach soccer to someone who might be kicking a ball for the first time and also enhance the all-around skills of the most experienced camper who is preparing for high school and first team club seasons.

Each and every camper will be in an environment where they can grow as the enhanced curriculum focuses on age-specific needs and takes into consideration mental and physical abilities of the campers we are fortunate enough to work with. Our staff will work to constantly encourage the campers and build their self-esteem to levels that have previously been untapped.

Camper development will be based on a philosophy of maximizing touches on the ball while placing campers in decision-making activities where guided discovery is combined with specific coaching points. Additionally, campers will be able to improve their games through structured small-sided game-play with field dimensions appropriately designed for age and adjusted for skill level. Union Soccer Schools staff will monitor all campers to ensure they are constantly involved and coached throughout the week as we plan to utilize a coach to camper ratio no greater than 1:10.

The Best of Both Worlds

Finally, while conducting training with an emphasis of all on-field aspects of the game, we will also integrate ESF Core Values, which include: Safety, Integrity, Growth, Respect, Innovation, Customer Focus, and Community Action. While improving campers on the field, we also aim to build their confidence, establish a sense of personal identity, encourage physical activity, all while having fun in a pressure free environment. This all combines to achieve the dream under Philadelphia Union’s purpose which is using soccer to bring people together, inspire dreams, and forge memories.

Coaching Staff

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